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Handcrafted, small batch wines, using time honoured traditions


Our wines are one with the land they are grown upon – and just as every year is different in the Barossa, so too are the wines of Troll Creek

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Troll Creek Wines invite you to taste their way of life

Established in 1998, the single vineyard wines of Troll Creek are grown and handcrafted in the Eastern foothills of the Barossa Valley, lovingly nurtured by the hands of the Hage family.

Select premium fruit is hand-picked from their low-yielding ancestral vineyards in Bethany and Vine Vale, and then handcrafted into small batches, using time honoured traditions of open fermentation and gentle basket pressing.

Extended aging in French and American oak, and then another year in the bottle – these rich and complex wines invite you to savour the age and brilliance of the fruit, and become immersed in the depth of Barossan history that lies within each bottle.

Designed to be enjoyed now, these exceptional, fruit-driven wines will evolve beautifully over the next decade and reward the patient.

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“Being able to put the lineage of time into a bottle, and being able to feel the age and quality of the fruit, as well as the deep viticultural roots of our family, is incredibly special.”
~ James Hage